Bad Lip Reading Posts The Ultimate Video For The Lead Up To The Super Bowl

Who doesn’t love a good bad lip read? The Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube has shot to internet fame with nearly six million subscribers and, over the years, they’ve provided hours of entertainment and laughs with their alternative takes on movies such as Star Wars and Twilight, as well as flagship political events like Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration last month.

Another section of their hilarious offerings are their bad lip reads on the NFL. They’ve taken the time to provide the best fake soundbites from each of the last four NFL seasons and this year, it’s the 2017 season’s turn. With the Super Bowl featuring the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to look back at the past year of American football in the words of the Bad Lip Reading team.

Previous years’ editions gave us some pretty hilarious (and terrible) lip reads, broaching the subjects of orange peanuts, mermaid jellyfish and fights on Tiger Mountain. But this year’s is the best one yet. Since being posted on 1 February, the video has already racked up two million views and with the Super Bowl set to occur on Saturday, that number could be set to double or triple over the next few days.

The internet at large is getting ready for Super Bowl LI and even if you’re not a big follower of the sport, this video will help you to get in the NFL mood, if only to help Tom Brady solve his nickel problem. It promises to be an entertaining game of football. But as with all Super Bowls, there’s bound to be entertainment for all.

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