Catch Me Outside Girl Reveals Her Plans For Her Future

If you happen to watch the Dr. Phil Show regularly, then you’ll know that Dr. Phillip McGraw tends to invite a lot of anxious mothers onto the show to confront their rebellious, out-of-control teenagers. In theory, it allows both parties to air their grievances, and makes for some compelling drama.

It’s not very often that the out-of-control teen threatens to fight the entire audience, but Danielle Bregoli did just that when confronted by Dr. Phil on her various misdeeds, which included stealing cars as well as her mother’s credit card.

Getting to appear on the Dr. Phil Show would count as a highlight of the week in the lives of many a 13-year-old, but for Danielle Bregoli, it was just the beginning of her unprecented rise to stardom. If the name Danielle Bregoli doesn’t ring a bell, you probably know her better as the “catch me outside” girl who has dominated social media and the meme world over the past week or so. Danielle’s simple phrase, signifying a readiness to fight, struck a chord on the internet, and having got herself in the public eye, she has every intention of staying there.

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