Celebrity Marriages That Continue To Stand The Test Of Time

Is it just me, or are celebrity marriages getting shorter and shorter these days? So much for “’til death do us part”, right? However, not every celebrity pairing reads like a publicity stunt. Believe it or not, Hollywood can produce dedicated and genuine loving relationships that survive decades of rumours, personal attacks and more. Here are 21 celebrity couples who continue to only fall deeper and deeper in love with each day that passes. Who said true love amongst celebrities was dead?


21. David and Victoria Beckham: Married in 1999

It seems like David and Victoria Beckham have only been together for a couple of years. In reality, they have actually been married since July 4, 1999. Despite allegations of affairs, the two are still very much together. David and Victoria’s have both stated how they “have nothing to prove”, and after welcoming their third child into the world back in 2011, Harper Seven Beckham, the couple seem closer than ever.

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