Female Passenger Claims She Was Kicked Off Plane For ‘Showing Too Much Cleavage’

A 21 year old waitress from South Florida has claimed that she was kicked off a plane because of her cleavage. Brenda, who has chosen to withhold her surname from the public, claims that she was singled out on a flight from New Orleans, Louisiana to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to her, this was because she was wearing a low cut top, as a result of which she was unfairly harassed simply for being large-chested. She has provided pictures of her outfit on the day in question.

Brenda has spoken to members of the press about feeling “awful” following the incident.

“I feel awful. I can’t sleep. It is really affecting me, actually.”

You can see a video of Brenda discussing her ordeal below.

The airline has denied all the claims made by Brenda.

“The woman’s cleavage played absolutely no role in her removal. The woman was removed because she was intoxicated and other passengers complained about her behaviour.”

Spirit spokesman Paul Berry further stressed that Brenda’s outfit had nothing to do with her removal from the flight, and suggested that any comment about her clothing would have been made in passing.

“Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage. People are taken off of planes because of their behavior.

“The flight attendant made that decision, and as she was leaving, she said, ‘By the way, you might want to cover up.’ It was more of a personal statement to her.”

However, other passengers have come to Brenda’s defence. According to Cathy Subbs who was also on the Spirit airlines flight, the flight attendants were rude to Brenda and repeatedly brought up her clothing.

“She tried to pull her top up further to cover more, each time another flight attendant came with the same issue, telling her in loud and rude tones that she’ll have to leave the plane if she can’t get them covered.

“The way they treated her was terrible.”

Brenda’s mother has also said that the staff aboard Brenda’s flight “humiliated” her. For now, it appears Brenda has retained the services of a lawyer. Her attorney Ken Padowitz had a few words to say about Spirit airlines.

“Maybe Spirit Airlines should change their name to Mean-Spirited Airlines.”

It remains to be seen what steps Brenda and her legal team will take next.




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