Girl With Stretched Ears Hospitalised After Snake Slithers Into Her Earlobe

Every pet owner knows that the moment you let an animal into your home, you’re pretty much giving disaster and chaos an open invitation to lodge with you. Even the most benign little fluffy bunny can spell catastrophe for its owner if left to its own devices. Furniture gets scratched, bins turned over and raked through, pillows get chewed, carpets stained with excrement, the floor’s littered with hairballs and if you’re really lucky then there’s usually an eviscerated rodent lying on the welcome mat waiting for you every morning. Nice.

Now you can take all these myriad woes and worries and multiply them by a thousand depending on how big or dangerous your pet is. There’s no-one I feel worse for in that regard than snake owners.

There’s much to enjoy about raising a slithering, scaly friend. Despite all those urban legends you hear about snake owners being routinely swallowed in the night or chewed a number of species of domestic snakes are no threat to humans whatsoever… However, that’s not to say that accidents don’t happen, or that people don’t do stupid things.

A story had emerged on social media this week that proves this axiom: a woman with an ear lobe ring was straight sent straight to accident and emergency after her particularly affectionate pet reptile tried to cuddle up to her, slithered through the ear-hole, and ended up stuck. Eurgh. For the full story of this serpentine screw-up flick over to page two. 

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