iPhone + Antarctica = A photographer’s match made in heaven ❤️📷

The environment may not be the best for vacations, but Antarctica is proved to be a iPhone’s picture-taking paradise.

When photographer John Bozinov first learned that he would be spending two months in Antarctica on the Antarctic Peninsula at the end of 2016, he knew it was an incredible opportunity to take some pictures.

The problem was that the big fancy camera he would normally shoot with probably wouldn’t fare all that well in the sub-freezing temperatures.

Now you’d think that without a DSLR camera, a nature photographer is SOL, right? You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the best camera is the one you have with you”, and so Bozinov starting to shoot with his iPhone 7 Plus.

i’ve just landed in the world’s southermost city ushuaia, argentina, where i’m spending the next couple of days before making my way down to antarctica. as usual my internet will be intermittent at best for the next few months while i’m on expedition, so i won’t be posting here regularly again until the new year. i’m looking forward to this next adventure 🇦🇶 #shotoniPhone //

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elephant seal pup, gold harbour, south georgia #shotoniPhone7

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Sure, the wide angle camera on the iPhone 7 plus has a fixed 29mm equivalent focal length with a depth of field that’s more akin to a pinhole camera than what I typically get with a DSLR. But fortunately, most of the wildlife we see in Antarctica (seals and penguins) didn’t evolve around a natural land predator, which means that they’re more curious around people than they are fearful.

glacial brash ice, cierva cove //

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the adélie is a true antarctic penguin, preferring the cooler temperatures found only along the antarctic coastline. in recent years they’ve been forced to migrate further south as the antarctic peninsula has started to warm in accordance with climate change #shotoniPhone7 //

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I’ve struggled for a long time with the myriad of options available when it comes to camera equipment, so much so that I’ve often found myself focusing more on what gear I’m shooting with than actually going out and taking pictures. This project allowed me to simplify my workflow and largely forget about my camera equipment; instead, I was able to focus simply on the joy I get from taking photos and sharing my work.

now that i’ve a stable internet connection again i can begin to share my backlog of photos from this season 🇦🇶 here’s a male elephant seal in fortuna bay, south georgia. these beach masters are the largest seals in the world and can weigh up to 5 tonnes // #shotoniPhone7

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towards the northern tip of the antarctic peninsula lies the well protected deception island in the south shetland archipelago. during the early twentieth century deception island was an active whaling station with several hundred men living and working during the antarctic summers. today all that remains are some weathered buildings, old rusted oil tanks and the odd penguin // #shotoniPhone7

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