Kylie Jenner’s $6,000,000 Mansion Is Something Other Teenagers Must Dream About…

Growing up, everybody dreams what our future family home is going to look like when they’re older, but when on earth does this actually come true? Well if you are a member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, then you can expect to be able to buy the exact house you want, complete with all the added extras/

So although Kylie Jenner is still fresh out of high school, she has been able to afford this enormous mansion whilst still being in her teens. And seriously, there is absolutely no way you won’t be amazed at her purchase. The house is stunning…

1. Her Californian Villa

Can you imagine living somewhere as stylish as this house? It’s a Cape Cod style villa, that looks as if it was built for an entire family to live in. The house itself is beautiful, with everything built brand new from scratch. And would you like to know how much it costs? Take a breath first… it cost Kylie a whopping $ 6 million. Ouch!

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