Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes coming to iOS on Feb. 2: Here’s the trailer!

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series to make a mobile debut!

Update: Nintendo’s Official Twitter account has clarified that Fire Emblem Heroes will launch on iOS and Android on February 2nd this year.

Nintendo has released exciting information about their next game coming to smartphones. The successful and very popular Fire Emblem series will be making its way to mobile as early as next month, according to IGN.

“During a Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo fully revealed its Fire Emblem mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, which will be available on Google Play for Android on February 2nd, and “soon” on iPhone and iPad.”

As for the gameplay, IGN is reporting it will be similar, but different from Fire Emblem games in the past.

“An animated cutscene intro was shown off for the game. Each map will be an 8×6 grid built for smartphones. Players can drag an ally to an enemy unit to attack, or use traditional Fire Emblem controls on the touch screen. The series’ weapon triangle will also return.

Players will take on the role of a summoner and summon characters from the Fire Emblem series to build their team. Orbs are used to summon additional characters, and they can be earned through gameplay or purchased within the app.”

The part I find most intriguing about this is Nintendo’s decision to include in-app purchases, something they seemed unwilling to do for Super Mario Run. No word on the cost (if any) of the initial download.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series and am super pumped to hear my iPhone will be able to play Fire Emblem Heroes. The trailer on Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube account sure has me excited that the classic anime art-style has stayed intact!

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