Poker Player Enters Amateur Tournament With $130, Comes Away With Giant $1.6 Million Win

For most of us, poker generally involves a few dollar bills thrown around the dining table after one too many whiskeys with your friends. For amateur poker player Shurane Vijayaram however, poker has come to mean transforming $ 130 AUD ($ 98 USD) into an incredible $ 1.6 million AUD ($ 1.2 million USD).

So how did Vijayaram, who’s never played a professional poker game in his life, manage to pull off the incredible feat? Well, last Sunday, the 33-year-old paid $ 130 AUD ($ 98 USD) to enter a poker tournament at Crown Casino, Melbourne. Vijayaram managed to win that event, earning himself a much sought-after $ 10,600 AUD ($ 8,050 USD) ticket into the Aussie Millions main event.

Poker ace Jason Somerville, who hosted the tournament, said: “He’s never cashed a tournament before… only in poker do you see things like that. Shurane with a pair of fives, is the sickest call I think I’ve ever seen. We may never see a call again as good as that for as much money as that ever. That is just an unreal performance.”

Curious to see Vijayaram’s perfect poker face for yourself? The incredible moment he realised he’d won is ready and waiting for you over on the next page.

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