Steven Avery Confesses To Murdering Teresa Halbach According To Fellow Prisoners

In December 2015, Netflix aired one of their first original documentaries, Making A Murderer. The documentary focused on the murder of Teresa Halbach, a photographer from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Steven Avery was found guilty of Halbach’s murder and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, was also found guilty of assisting Avery in the photographer’s murder.

The documentary is spread over 10 episodes, and follows the court case of Steven Avery. Prior to his court case for Halbach’s murder, Avery was wrongfully convicted of the rape of Penny Beerntsen. Having served 18 years, Avery was exonerated in 2003 after DNA tests proved his innocence. Following his release, he was arrested again for the murder of Teresa Halbach in October 2005. Throughout the documentary, Avery claimed that he was innocent and that Manitowoc police officials had manipulated the evidence against him.

Now, a man who served time with the Making A Murderer star has claimed that Avery confessed to murdering Teresa Halbach. Joseph Evans, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, wrote a nine page letter to judges after learning that Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, may be re-charged for the murder of Halbach. Dassey’s conviction was overturned after evidence emerged that he was coerced into a confession.

Evans claims that he met Avery in June 2010 and they quickly became friends. According to Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Avery and Evans were housed in the same unit at the Wisconsin Secured Prison Facility, Boscobel, at the same time. Evans’ letter explains that the first time the two met, Avery confessed that Brendan Dassey had not killed Teresa Halbach. Avery also apparently confessed that he was responsible for Halbach’s murder.

According to Evans: “He said he put the knife to Teresa’s throat as he guided her to his bedroom. Steven said Teresa was crying and begging him not to kill her.” Evans’ letter also explains how Steven Avery met Teresa Halbach. Steven Avery asked Halbach to visit his scrapyard, as he wanted to sell a car. As she was sitting in his kitchen to go over documents, Avery grabbed a knife and forced Halbach into the bedroom. Avery then raped Halbach multiple times, before strangling her, according to Evans.

Avery then heard his nephew, Brendan Dassey, outside the house. Avery asked Dassey to come in and he was encouraged to rape Halbach. Dassey was unaware that Halbach was dead at the time. Brendan Dassey then helped Steven Avery dispose of Halbach’s body.

He also claims that Avery stated: “he would have gotten away with it, if his idiot nephew of his Brendan [Dassey] would not have spoken to the police like he told him not to…”. Avery additionally claimed that he would sue the state of Wisconsin, and help Evans pay his restitution when the court case was won. You can read the letter in full on the Rockford Advocate’s website.

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