The Best Reactions To Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Whether you’re into sports, movies or music, there are few more important days in the entertainment season than the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl was the 51st such climax of the NFL season, and sports fans don’t need to be reminded that the Patriots completed an insane comeback to defeat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. During the night’s festivities, we also saw trailers for the upcoming Baywatch, Guardians of the Galaxy and Fast & Furious movies, plus season two of Netflix series Stranger Things.

For music fans, the Super Bowl is the place to see some of the greatest acts of our generation live. The half-time show is known for some fantastic performers and some wonderful memories. Who could forget Beyoncé’s unforgettable performance in 2013, or the rise and memefication of Katy Perry’s Left Shark in 2015?

This year, the Super Bowl half-time show was graced Lady Gaga. Known for her penchant for the spectacular, it’s fair to say that she didn’t disappoint at last night’s event. Furthermore, there are some hilarious people on the internet, and a lot of them were watching.

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