The Greatest Drone Photos EVER Captured (Chosen From 27,000 Entries!)

Some photos are simply breathtaking. They capture moments in time that are stunning, shocking, beautiful, funny and more. For decades, man was forced to traverse the land with his camera, in order to take a photograph that showed exactly what he could see. However, thanks to the modern technology in remote drones. we can now launch cameras high into the air, and can take the most phenomenal photos from a great distance, as well as from many different angles.

Some are calling these photos the most beautiful to have ever been taken. A human’s artistic mind can be combined with the flying drone to produce the most sensational photos of all time. So when the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest was announced, photographers and drone geeks went mad. In total, 27,000 photos were submitted into the competition. The best? Here are the top 25… trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

25. Exploration

This incredible photo won First Prize in the Professional Beauty Category for its outstanding simplicity yet awesome view. These camels travelling on the desert are going around the deeper holes of the sands, but apart from the line of footsteps the camels are all following each other through, the sand remains perfectly untouched, with ripples from the winds forming on the smooth surface.

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