The White House’s Most Scandalous First Ladies History Will Never Forget

January 2017 is the year we pull open the doors of the White House and welcome in former glamor model Melania Trump to take Michelle Obama’s cherished spot as the our First Lady Of The United States Of America. While many have questioned Slovene-born American Melania’s ability to live up to the past highly-treasured wives of US Presidents, it seems the public have conveniently forgotten that First Ladies of the past have not always been as clean cut as they initially came across.

From illicit love affairs to secret poisonings to infamous tantrums in party-room corners, America’s past First Ladies are far from white as snow. Discover their completely scandalous histories here…

1. Mary Todd Lincoln: The Shopaholic

Wife of 16th President Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln had grown up in a wealthy family so had become accustomed to a certain lifestyle – and she wasn’t willing to give it up just because she was the President’s wife. Mary’s lavish and expensive taste ran up quite the big bill; not to mention she redecorated the White House using federal funds, pressuring the Republican appointees to pay up saying they “owed” her husband for their jobs. Mary also caused outrage by firing White House staff and selling off excess White House garden manure to account for the money!

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