Trump Wants His Female Staffers To ‘Dress Like Women’, Internet Reacts In The Best Way

President Trump’s administration has been divisive thus far, not least because of his comments regarding women. His critics have pointed to a number of statements made which they claim are evidence of a misogynist attitude and objectification of women. A key example would be the tape recording of Trump speaking with Billy Bush in 2005, in which Trump can be heard stating that: “When you’re a star, they let you do anything… grab them by the pussy.”

Adding more fuel to this fire is Trump’s recent announcement that he expects all female White House staff members to “dress like women”. Ignoring the fact that Trump also has a pretty pedantic dress code for his male aides as well (which includes wearing wide Armani ties), the implications of this ruling seem pretty discriminatory. However, upon hearing about Trump’s sartorial memo, female Twitter users everywhere hit back with pictures of their own dress codes as a show of defiance. To see what these outraged Twitter users think “dressing like a woman” means, scroll down to check out the examples.

1. Katharine Hepburn

2. An astronautical burn

3. Wedding wear

4. An older example

5. #GirlSquad

6. Easy to remember

7. Scrubs

8. Possibly not what he had in mind

9. Police uniforms 

10. NASCAR drivers

11. Pilots 

12. Don’t forget women soldiers

Since Trump’s inauguration, more than a million women have marched in mass protests against the President’s polices, and many prominent social justice and gender equality authorities have criticised him. These protests were peaceful and widespread and, most importantly, produced some hilarious signs.

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