Watch How These Teens Snuck Into Super Bowl 51 With Only A Ladder

This year’s Super Bowl was a huge sporting fixture: watched by millions of eager viewers around the world, the match between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots had us all on the edge of our seats right up until overtime, and a number of plays on both sides managed to break a number of unprecedented records.

According to the Neilson ratings, the game was watched by a whopping 111.3 million people who tuned into Fox to watch the live broadcast. But as good HD TV is, it’s never going to beat the experience of actually being there, right in the thick of it, alongside a cheering crowd.

This year’s Super Bowl took place at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, which is capable of seating an incredible 71,795 people. Tickets for the 51st iteration of the football event were pretty steep, fetching almost $ 5000 at one point on the online ticket service TicketIQ. That’s a serious amount of dough to spend on one game, even if it its the spectacle of a lifetime. If only there was a way to sneak in for free?

The idea sounds appealing, but when you consider the amount of security at an event like this, the notion of making a stealthy entrance just becomes preposterous. Or does it? Rather than a cunning disguise, false credentials and a cover story, or a huge supply of cash, it turns out that if you’re discreet enough, all you need to infiltrate the Super Bowl is a ladder and a lot of courage, just like these teens, who have dazzled the internet by creeping into Sunday’s game by utilising this same method.

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