What Did The “Perfect” Woman Look Like In The Year You Were Born?

Who would you say is the perfect woman in 2017? Let’s face it, you’re not exactly stuck for choice. Would you go for the forever classy Natalie Portman, or maybe bubbly blonde Blake Lively is the gal who makes your heartbeat that little bit faster? Or perhaps your ideal woman is reality TV’s one and only voluptuous Kim K with her out-there fashion sense?

The truth of it is that the definition of beauty is constantly evolving. Regardless who your top choice is, chances are we won’t know which “perfect” lovely lady sums up our era for a few years yet. What we can tell you though, is exactly what the ideal woman looked like the year you were born. Prepare to meet the most-wanted “it girls” you wish you could be…

1. Ingrid Bergman – 1940

Ingrid Bergman was the woman who famously refused to conform to Hollywood’s narrow-minded beauty standards in the 1940s when she refused to cap her teeth or pluck her eyebrows. But rather than being shunned, she instead came to define aesthetic perfection. The Casablanca actress led women into an age of power dressing, embodying a more androgynous style and wearing tailored suits and wide brimmed hats with her short wavy locks.

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