What do these items have in common?

What do the following items have in common?

A. Motion-detection light switch in your office that shuts off while you're typing at your computer

B. Automatic flush that turns on while you're seated

C. Voice-recognition system that picks up ambient noise and asks you to repeat something you didn't say

D. Auto-correct software that flips a correct spelling to the wrong one you didn't anti-auto-correct the last time

E. Fuzzy-logic rice-cooker that won't let you extend the cooking time unless it has completely cooled down

F. Online search box that gives you useless results if you don't select one of the matched items in the drop down menu

G. Banner ads that follow you everywhere advertising the item you just purchased an hour ago

H. Online retailer recommending that you buy another big-screen TV a few days after you bought one from the same store

Explain this list or add to it!

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